We provide a wide range of restructuring services to professionals, companies and their stakeholders.

We build an understanding of the company’s situation, how it can be improved (both operationally and financially), the appropriate financing structure and method for delivery. This can result in exiting non-core or underperforming business units.

Companies challenged by underperformance often require advice and support in identifying appropriate options for financial and/or operational restructuring in order to create a stable platform for business turnaround.
An example of mechanisms through which we deliver our services:

Directorships and corporate governance

We can deploy our team to act as directors of subsidiary operations, and other corporate governance mechanisms such as amendments to directors' powers to control subsidiaries and their assets without breaching local regulations and whilst managing risk.


Reporting to the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands on the affairs of any company within the Cayman Islands upon the application of the members of the company to the Court.


We have extensive experience in acting as Receivers for Cayman based entities, assisting secured lenders in maximising a greater return via a pro-active Receivership process, compared to what would be achieved through a liquidation process

  • Where a pledge of shares is security we will act as a receiver of shares and can provide directorship services to control subsidiaries where asset is further down the chain
  • Extensive experience acting as Receiver for Cayman and BVI entities, assisting secured lenders in protecting and realising security
  • Appointed through Cayman Court as in accordance on contractual arrangements

Compromise agreements

Negotiate a binding agreement with a troubled company's creditors or members, safeguarding and/or enhancing the recovery prospects of those stakeholders, whilst also preserving the survival of the company and avoiding the value erosion often experienced as part of a formal liquidation.

A journey from crisis to recovery

Identify and resolve issues affecting a company's ability to continue trading often as a result of company’s short-term funding requirement coupled with liquidity problems. These situations are time sensitive; we can be on site in less than 24 hours domestically and internationally within 48 hours.

We’ll provide in-depth assessments of the company's financial position and actions for stabilising the business. Once stable, we work with management to devise a detailed turnaround plan to return the business to profitability. This may include exiting under-performing non-core business units or the use of other restructuring tools.

Using our deep understanding, built over years of experience, of what stakeholders require, we aim to find the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Margot MacInnis
Managing Director
Margot MacInnis
Margot MacInnis
Managing Director
Margot MacInnis