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Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels Takeover Day with Grant Thornton

Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels Takeover Day with Grant Thornton

On Friday, 12 November, Grant Thornton in the Cayman Islands spent the day out of the office to participate in the global ‘GT in the community’ day of corporate social responsibility.

Each year, Grant Thornton’s 750 offices close their doors, and 58,000 employees are encouraged to get involved in local community projects, with a promise to ‘Act, Commit and Share’.

This year, the team took over the Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels food delivery routes from West Bay to Spotts.

Meals on Wheels provides nutritious meals island-wide to vulnerable and low-income individuals.  Their services supply the assistance needed for them to retain self-worth, independence, and the ability to remain in their homes.  Isolation remains a major issue for many of these individuals, particularly during COVID-19, and the social contact provided through meal delivery offers some relief.  

Jennifer West, General Manager of Meals on Wheels, states that "The enthusiastic participation of the team from Grant Thornton was another demonstration of their impact through community service.  The team delivered over 150 meals to seniors in West Bay and George Town.  Our volunteer and donation needs continue to increase due to the COVID-19 impact on our community.  Volunteer time and financial contributions are an ongoing need for the organisation and Meals on Wheels appreciate and encourage more companies like Grant Thornton to give back to our vulnerable seniors."

Employees split into teams to ensure all meals were delivered on time.  They contributed to the charity’s mission to inspire hope and encourage wellbeing while bringing the community together through volunteerism.

“2021 continues to present challenges, so providing impactful service to our community remains front of mind at Grant Thornton”, said Dara Keogh, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Cayman Islands, “and our team was thrilled to partner with Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels, providing much-needed support to families and individuals in need”.

“Meals on Wheels Cayman provides not just a hot meal to our housebound, elderly and less able residents, but also relief from loneliness.  In this era of global pandemic many of us can understand how hard isolation can be, and it was a pleasure to partner with Meals on Wheels and give back to our community in this way,” says Margot MacInnis, Managing Director of Grant Thornton Specialist Services.

Grant Thornton is an active contributor to our local community, and their annual ‘GT in the community’ day is just one element in their mission to create lasting, sustainable benefits that empower our local community to thrive.

For more information on Grant Thornton Cayman Islands or Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels, please visit their websites: and




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