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Grant Thornton Celebrates Success of Young Caymanian Interns Transitioning to Full-time Employees

As summer approaches, Grant Thornton is delighted to share that two of their 2023 summer interns have joined the professional services firm as full-time employees following the successful completion of internships and probation periods in their new roles. This achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the valuable experience gained during their internships.

“These young Caymanians have not only demonstrated their skills and adaptability but have also embraced our culture and values,” says Yentel McGaw, Senior Manager of People & Culture at Grant Thornton Cayman Islands. “Yosany Castro and Matthew Bergstrom have brought fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and a commitment to excellence that aligns seamlessly with our vision for success.”

Yosany Castro and Matthew Bergstrom

"The internship programme helped me step out of my comfort zone and experience an authentic working environment for the first time as an 18-year-old,” says Yosany Castro, Receptionist at Grant Thornton Cayman Islands. “The transition from intern to full-time employee was smooth, and Grant Thornton welcomed me back with open arms, where I officially began the start of my career in the corporate world." 

“As they embark on this new chapter in their careers, we are confident that their contributions will continue to elevate our team and drive innovation within the organisation,” McGaw continues. “Our commitment to providing opportunities for young Caymanians remains unwavering and is a source of pride, as it not only enriches the lives of these individuals but also contributes to the growth and prosperity of our local community.”

"Since beginning my journey at Grant Thornton in July last year, I felt accepted and supported by the whole team, especially within the Marketing team, where my mentors taught me invaluable lessons that helped me to grow from Intern to full-time employee,” says Matthew Bergstrom, Marketing Assistant at Grant Thornton Cayman Islands. “They have provided me with skills that will stick with me for the rest of my career."

The Grant Thornton Internship Programme shows the firm’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth, and these success stories exemplify the positive impact of their efforts. It underscores the importance of providing corporate training programmes in the Cayman Islands.

Applications for the Grant Thornton Internship Programme are open. Visit our Early Careers page for more information and to submit your application by 30 April 2024.